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ADDENDUM Volume to The Collector's Guide

As of SEP 2010


1) I have decided that (a) given the fact that there is no way in hell anyone could survive on the minimal profits garnered from reference books alone; and (b) given the fact that I (like most anybody else), must work a full-time job, as well as take care of many other assorted time-eating projects in order to feed my face and pay the bills; (c) given the fact that my daughter was just wounded by an insurgent 7.62mm round while serving in Afghanistan (a distraction for me); and (d) given that I spend a great deal of time playing in a successful rock band in Fayetteville, NC--something I really enjoy very much—-I have, after much consideration, soul searching, and with a heavy heart (and with my busy band schedule very much in mind)--decided that I must put my plans for any Addendum on a semi-permament "shelf freeze." There is just not enough incentive for me to want to invest the very significant outlay of time and additional money that it would take to properly complete the project. It's simply not worth the hassle. My apologies to you all.