The letters on this sign are English (actually, Anglo-Saxon) in the "Insular Hand" script - as it appeared in the 9th century around the period of King Alfred; I did the text on this piece entirely by hand using made-in-Japan black jell ink pens, on white construction paper. I then used colored pencil around the edges to give it the "aged parchment" look. The piece was then permanently mounted on a beige lacquered backing board, and lightly treated with a spray sealant. It hangs in Nogata, Japan in the house of Osamu Tanaka. The text reads:

"And þæs ymb IIII niht gefeaht Æthered cyning and Ælfred his broðor wiþ ealne þone here on Æscesdune • And hie wæron on twæm gefylcum • on oðrum wæs Bachseg and Halfdene þa hæðnan cyningas and on oðrum wæron þa eorlas."

which means roughly
"And round about the 4th night fought Aethered king and Aelfred his brother with all the army, at Ashdown. and they were in two wings; on the one side was Bachseg and Halfdene, the heathen kings (i.e. Danish Vikings), and on the other side were the earls" (=noblemen, i.e. the Saxons).