* Why No Variations / Exceptions in the Book? *

"Why Didn't you Cover Examples of Headgear Variations / Exceptions??"
The old adage about "You can please all of the people some of the time...." definitely applies to books and authors.
A reviewer of The Collector's Guide on Amazon.com, wrote: "Error by Omission" - his contention being that I had not presented any of the many possible [non-standard] variations that can be found in German headgear - and that by not doing so, I was implying that only the types presented in The Collector's Guide were acceptable. Unfortunately, he did not bother to clarify what he meant by "variations", nor, for that matter, did he bother to note that in my Foreward, I had explained that the purpose of the first half of the book was to familiarize beginning collectors with the standard "textbook" construction patterns, from which, with experience, the reader could then develop sufficient expertise to be able to subsequently judge the merits of any "variation" that might be encountered . I had no intention of seeking out variant / exception headgear for the book, since there were also practical size constraints - the book eventually reached about 416 pages; going into descriptions of possible variations - and how to determine when, and if, a cap showing one (or more) variations is acceptable would have been too subjective and would have required far too much additional space for the necessary details - this aside from the fact that doing so would not have fit my goals in writing The Collector's Guide: my intention was not to provide a picture book of variant headgear. This critic also failed to mention that I repeatedly noted throughout the book that exceptions to the rule abound (and were not unexpected, given the number of makers).

For similar reasons - and also due to the fact that camouflage patterns (if not headgear) have been covered in considerable detail in other books - I chose not to go into camouflage headgear in this volume. Thus, I have left a void that this particualar critic is welcome to fill, if he wishes to write a book on variant headgear.

This said, The Collector's Guide remains, nonetheless, true to its name: A GUIDE, from which to work - and from which the reader can develop her / his knowledge and skills and expand to the point of being able to successfully evaluate variations and exceptions. That was my intention. Pleasing most of the people most of the time is a fortunate fringe benefit!

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