NEW car up first, the house pics follow after~!

OCT 14, 2008: On the way home from work, my just paid off(!) Hyundai 2006 Elantra was murdered by a female drunk driver (who rammed
me at about 35~40 miles per hour; she then then took off - the police caught her in 6 or 7 minutes). Me, on the phone with my insurance company, after the accident...

OCT 14, 2008. Close up of my clocked caboose...

My very first car purchase: a Mazda RX-7 with rotary engine (Mazda is the only company to successfully introduce a commercially marketed
rotary engine). Fort Lewis, WA; I'd never have been able to drive this car if not for Katherine Zelle (she taught me how to drive a stick shift,
in Houston at UofH)...

24 OCT 2008 - replacement for my dead Elantra: I opted to make lemonade from lemons, and picked a Hyundai 2008 "Tiburon" - reminded me of the RX-7
of long ago...this car was a Dealer vehicle (it already had 5,987 miles on it, driven by dealership staff), so I got a discount...

DEC 2008 - replaced the Dealer name front plate with an ARMOR branch insignia plate. Espirit!

24 OCT - 2008 Tiburon - cool machine! Figured it was my last opportunity to drive a sports car...

OCT 2008 - Come on, hop in! Woops, wrong side: I'M driving....

OCT 2008 - view from the operator's seat (i.e. mine).

OCT 2008 - On the road.

SEP 2008 THE NEW HOUSE: Full front shot, with my Elantra (before its caboose got artificially shortened...).

SEP 2008

SEP 2008 Geppi checking out the front lawn.

SEP 2008 Looking to the right from the garage door...notice to the right of the black truck - the neighbor's Tiburon

JAN 2009: Aftermath of a surprise snowstorm! Rare for North Carolina!

SEP 2008: Looking straight ahead

JAN 2009: straight ahead, post snowstorm.

SEP 2008: Looking to the left (the main street is in this direction (i.e. East). Suburbia!

JAN 2009: looking left, post snowstorm.

SEP 2008 Me, at the office

SEP 2008 Looking toward the back of the house, in the Bonus Room upstairs (the room is huge). Now it's filled with stuff...

SEP 2008 Looking in the opposite direction (toward the front of the house). the PC is on the other side of the stairwell, in the left corner.

SEP 2008

SEP 2008: The other side of the room, more guitars, and a CD rack.

SEP 2008: Daytime view through the rear window...

SEP 2008: Other direction again, more books in the bookcase, a table...

SEP 2008: The PC corner.

SEP 2008: The stairs leading up from the dining room.

SEP 2008 At the far left of the dining room, (left of the curtains), is the door going up to the bonus room. The stairway turns back toward the kitchen. The living
room is to the right of the dining room. Just past the fridge, on the left, is the open hallway that runs back to the bedrooms.

SEP 2008 The dining room/kitchen table again; finally most everything's put away!! New tablecloth lightens things up, don't you think?

SEP 2008: Closer view.

SEP 2008: Standing next to the table, looking back toward the kitchen.

SEP 2008: Close up of the kitchen.

SEP 2008: The dining room guitar selection, part 1...

SEP 2008: part 2...

SEP 2008: Looking through the wall window from the living room into the dining room; the doorway leads upstairs to the "bonus room".

SEP 2008: Looking from the dining room into living room, w/front door. The right wall is actually the garage wall (on the other side).

SEP 2008: Living room, taken from just beside the front door. The wall opening looks into the dining room.

SEP 2008: Shot taken from BEHIND the TV panel. The other side of the far wall (with flag), is actually the garage.

SEP 2008: One more shot.

SEP 2008 The coffee table

SEP 2008: ...which opens up (right half still closed)

SEP 2008: The angled pantry ceiling is actually the underside of the stairway leading up to the bonus room.

SEP 2008 This is the hallway to the bedrooms; it takes a right turn, at the end. The visible bedroom is the master bedroom.
The first door on the right side opens to the pantry; Next door opens to a small storage closet. On the left, just after the carpet starts,
is the guest bathroom door (not in view).

SEP 2008: Guest bathroom, w/shower. The master bedroom has its own bath.

SEP 2008: A large guest bedroom that's a mirror of mine (except without a bath). This room is to the right of mine; the left wall in the pic, has my room on the other side.

SEP 2008: Same double closet set up as found in my room. The music equipment will be moved at some point.....!

SEP 2008 Another, slightly smaller guest bedroom. The military mannequins will be going in one guest room or the other, once I have decided which to use. The one not used for the mannequins/art room will become the guest/Jennifer's bedroom. The doorway visible in the left foreground, is for the larger of the two (the hallway leading from the kitchen turns to the right in front of my room, and leads to these two).

SEP 2008: Remarkable, how Geppi so often managed to find his way into a shot....The wall to the right is shared with the mirror image guest bedroom.

SEP 2008 Plenty of closet space - the area behind the wall is one contiguous open space.
The master bathroom is to the left (out of view).

SEP 2008 My co-worker "Flo" (Florian). A true master of detail - and always there when you need help. He has one of my books on the counter beside him (left).

SEP 2008 The Boss, Debbie - always very cheerful and a great editing mentor.

SEP 2008 Big Sister, Teru....a real fan of chicken flavored instant cup ramen, and about as nice a person as you could meet; now retired.

My other co-worker, Kara (another Chihuahua fan - hers are named "Chino" - which makes me think of jeans, for some reason...) and "Ziggy," was not present
the day I took the pics.

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