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Jen as she used to look (one of the earliest known sightings, hehehe)! This pic was taken in Japan in Kurume city; at the time,
Jen happened to be just turning "3" - the sign was a nice coincidence.

Jen leaving for Kindergarden (Yochien)- this in Japan; another "real early" Jennifer sighting...
Can you imagine that this little ankle biter became the soldier in the other photos?
Again the smile - soldier, hottie, or ankle biter, the smile remains the same.
Yes indeed, I'm real proud of my kid!

Halloween Party on 10/29, Jen as a French maid, together with a stray Klingon warrior.....

Outstanding shot, in the barracks at Ft. Huachuca, September 2006; she sure comes out great in photos - ever at ease in front of the camera....

Already as a little ankle biter, Jen had a thing for life on stage, and microphones - here looking a bit
pissed that my boss at the time (Kazuko), was taking so long to hand over the mic....

Jen and a buddy having fun at a Casino in Tucson, Arizona; September 2006...

JUN 2006: Tess and Jen (on right), during the HumVee driver training course.
2006: Gary and faithful buddy, Geppi (many thanks to Elizabeth (in Norway) for this photo)

2006: The other always "treue" (loyal) soul, now departed. Blondie

Jen in Arizona on the way to some concert. Great photo - looks like she's the "star"
player in a TV commercial!

Mariah Carey's sister, perhaps? No, Jen in the barracks at her locker....ready for the evening.

Jen at her Mom's, before the Army

Here's the other 50% contributor to Jen's genes - Jen is after all, the sum of the parts (and hopefully the combined
package is better than either half) - so, here is Jen's mom Chong-Ae, on the occasion of Jen's high school graduation,
and in a mother daughter pose from 2005.

Jen's relatives on her Mom's side: Top left: Uncle Chong-Gwan; middle: (Mom) Chong-Ae at about 12 yrs (any resemblance with Jennifer?); on the right Uncle Tong-Gwan.
Grandpa Lee (deceased) - the link shows my portrait of him (done many years later of course) - and Grandmother in the front row.
This is the traditional family pose style practiced years ago in Korea: totally serious.

Jen's cousins (my wonderful nieces) Jin-Bin (left) and Young-Ji (right)--these are Chong-Gwan's kids.
These are Chong-Gwon's kids. Young-Ji is incredibly smart from what I've heard; Jin-Bin is simply a darling (I haven't had a chance
to see them for a long time). Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my other niece, Hyun-Suk, or my young nephew (her younger
brother)--who are Tong-Gwan's kids, but I do have some current pics up next:

The youngest of my Korean nieces, Jin-Bin today!


Young-Ji today! Young-Ji (Jin-Bin's older sister) is the senior among my Korean nieces and nephew.

My middle niece, Hyun-Suk (Tong-Gwan's daughter), today.


Jen's relatives on my side: Grandpa and Grandma

Nice pose.....

2005: Jen and really Cool Daddy-O (Gary) sharing a moment.

APR 2006: Jen (Family Day of Army Basic Training) in Class A Uniform, with proud Dad

APR 2006: Jen moving to the ship-out point for her AIT (Advanced Individual Training).

APR 2006: At the airport, waiting for her plane.

APR 2006: At the airport with her Mom.

Jen (in Army Camouflage Uniform - "ACU") waiting for the bus to the airport together with Daddy Dearest; I "lost" the goatee
for the Graduation event. Hair I've kept short since the Army - so, if I were to suddenly go bald there's not much to miss,
no big deal!

APR 2006: Me, the ARMOR veteran, at Ft. Leonard Wood with a lonely, retired M1 Abrams tank (wish I could put him in my front yard...).
This poor fellow was retired because his "gun" was too small... (i.e. one of the first M1's, which had a 105mm cannon - later upgraded
to a 120mm main gun made by the German company Rhein-Metall)

1982: Me on my track (an M-60A1 RISE), before a field exercise; 2LT (Only one year older than Jen at enlistment, in this pic);
well, seems my skills those days did not include smiling; my talent seemed to lie more toward scowls or grimaces...

1983: as 1LT (promotion packet photo)...

In the old days, people used to view the inscriptions on the gravestones in a churchyard, or in the neighboring cemetary, as a way to pass the time during breaks in services. Stones therefore were often given intriguing inscriptions - rhymes, contemplative thoughts, informative inscriptions - some even offering a jest at someone still living, or a riddle. One inscription on a gravestone in Massachusetts from the 18th century bears the mystical words:

"Behold and see as you pass by
- as you are now, so once was I;
as I am now, soon you will be!
Prepare yourself to follow me."

Perhaps 60 to 100 years later, some person who had taken an interest in this particular inscription had also taken the time to carve in an additional verse beneath the original:

"To follow you, I am not content,
until I am sure which way you went."