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First up are a few pics of Jen's wedding, then some from my return trip to Japan in 2007, the dogs, and then my musical equipment and the band, FOURTH HOUR.

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2 JUL 2011: Walking Jenna down the isle...

2 JUL 2011: Jen's wedding

2 JUL 2011: One of my absolute favorite pics of Jen (here, with Maid of Honor Betty's little one)...

2 JUL 2011: Jenna and Joe...

2 JUL 2011: Jenna and Joe, me, and ChongAe (MiWha) behind us...

2 JUL 2011: (left to right) Annie, Jenna, Julia, ChongAe, and Linda at Dick's Last Resort restaurant, Nashville...

AUG 2010: Jenna on a mission in Afghanistan.

For comparison: ME

Jen & I went skydiving during one visit; each of us jumped Tandem (attached to an instructor). Altitude when we exited the
aircraft was 13,800 feet. Wow~!! We went right out this door....In this shot, we're probably at about 9,000 feet, or so.

Just about at jump altitude - the view from about 13,500 feet. Right after Jen's
cameraman took this shot, it was slide to the rear door, roll out and ---- free falling! Incredible!

Jen on the way down, freefall (only the small drogue chute is out, to stabilize the jumper). Main chute was likely
deployed about 45 seconds afer this pic was taken...!

Me after landing...!

MAR 2008 Rick wanted a pic up here, so here's his self-portrait!

Fine picture of Mt. Fuji bathed in late afternoon sunshine taken by my friend, Shuichi-san (who lives in the vicinity). Reproduced with permission: Copyright 2007, by Shuichi Kamisada.

A rare shot showing Mt. Fuji at dusk! Reproduced with permission; Copyright 2007, by Shuichi Kamisada. Thanks mate!

2007 My penpal and very good friend in Germany, Marlen H., with Laura, a young friend of the H. family (and a superb fencer in epee...).

DEC 2007: Trip to Japan for my old school's party. Here: Ted Kawabe, owner of the "Riverside" Bar and Darts club, with his daughter Nana. Jen and Nana played together as kids.

DEC 2007 Me (the original Alpha Language School teacher and Head Instructor), together with my former employer's (Kazuko san) younger
sister, Yoshiko san (left), and Kazuko's son Kento (on my right; Kent just moved to Boston to attend Boston University); then Rieko san (Chris' wife) and Chris (latest Alpha Language School teacher).

2007 DEC - Me in front of the tiger that I drew for Osamu san, here hanging in the foyer of his house. Two of my works now reside in Japan.

A board I did in Old English (Anglo Saxon) using black ink "Jell-B" pens -- this is an excerpt from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, rendered in the "Insular Hand" which is the form of letters used for English around the 8th and 9th centuries. This work now hangs in Japan.

DEC 2007: The former "Samurai B" from the comedy play "Mito Komon", Kozeru san at his eyeglass shop in Hon Machi, Iizuka. Boy, was he
ever surprised when I walked in and delivered the opening lines of the play we had both taken part in years before (see below)!

Kozeru san, as "Samurai B" (left side) and myself as "Samurai A" (on the right) during a comedy play based on the
TV period-drama "Mitokomon". The Shiyukuba Matsuri festival was held every November in Iizuka, Japan, at the Hon-Machi
Shoten-gai (arcade). One of the most popular events was a play taken from a TV "period drama" (Jidai gekki)--but re-written as a wry comedy. Great fun!!

Me playing "Twist and Shout" while wearing the Samurai costume on stage at the Shiyukuba Matsuri festival. The performance was part of the play, my American coworker sang the lyrics. Good times!

NOV 11, 2007: Jen with me

NOV 2007: Jen with ChongAe (her Mom), at her Mom's apartment.


A special person; Mom, lost to us in OCT 2008...

DEC 2006 - Cool pic

OCT 2007 - Geppi; Lost to me on 21 July 2012, at 16 3/4 years old. I greatly miss my friend...

Jen trying out the Schecter bass.

Playing the "Samurai A" character (great fun!) in the comedy play put on during Iizuka (city's) Hon-machi
"Shiyukuba Matsuri" (Shiyukuba Festival); Yes, there was a "Samurai B" also (Kozeru-san). ...

Different day, green outfit instead of gray (traded with "Samurai B"); during the play, had to do a song (Twist and Shout) on stage in full
garb; No easy task, with two swords in your Obi (belt). And, the bloody guitar strap kept slipping off my slippery silk covered shoulder.....

PROPHECY, the new band, with me on bass guitar, Aaron (vocals), Gus V. (lead guitar), Jeff (rhythm guitar), Brian (drums); playing live at Busters Bar & Grill...

Brian Wickman

PROPHECY playing live at The Drunk Horse Pub

Gus Vasilopoulos replaced Randy at lead guitar when Randy decided to take a break.


Brice Witter on vocals

Just checking to see if you are still awake! In Japan -- I always got a kick out of this photo!

Brian Wickman on the skins (drums

Jeff Wickman on rhythm guitar

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Me with my ESP Ltd B-5E bass

Me with PROPHECY and my sexy Carvin fretless 5-sting bass (moss green quilt) at The Rock Shop on New Year'a Eve 2013/14

2007: Exotic shot with my black and white Epiphone Flying "V".



2006 Les Paul Studio (Mahogany), "worn brown".Studio models are the "no frills" version of the Les Paul--concept being, you don't need frills playing in the studio. Still a beauty, no?

This was what I traded in for the Les Paul Studio, my gloss black Gibson "Explorer" w/ mirror pickguard.

My Raven West Lizard Quilt (i.e., green) Les Paul. Gorgeous axe!

2008: So okay, I've got several "humbucker" pickup-style guitars; I figured I really ought to have at least one single coil pickup guitar so's to
play stuff by Southern bands, Steve Miller, etc. Since I once owned a Fender Stratocaster (and I liked it) back in the days of my Gibson Melody Maker,
I decided I'd get another. So here's the Fender "Strat" in 3-tone Sunburst finish. It's the only guitar I've got
that has a maple neck/fretboard - all my other guitars have either ebony, or rosewood boards.

Here's a shot of the "bonus" room in the new house - I moved up from the basement at Rick's house (below), to this room. Will cost about
$1800 to eventually soundproof the back wall so the neighbor there won't be tempted to call the police on me--a policeman happens
to live two doors down, behind me.

2008: Just found and succeeded in nabbing this vintage 1963 Melody Maker double cut, double pickup guitar - almost
the same as my old baby, but with two Seymour Duncan P90 pickups instead of the humbuckers mine had - but,
so what! It's like an old girlfriend returned! Oh happy day! For years I have waited...

2008: The trademark GIBSON "mustache" headstock shape. Lead to a number of lawsuits in the past, against copycats.

My last Army pic.

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